Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Step at a Time

Our family has been facing uncertain times. For months before DH lost his job, we knew it was a possibility. We also knew that he wanted a career change. We had a desire to live closer to his family. We had a desire to live in a larger place that would allow us to grow our family.

All along, our prayer has not changed. We've prayed for wisdom, discernment and God's guidance for our next steps.

That prayer has slowly but surely been answered.

  • DH lost his job.
  • Unemployment isn't sufficient to cover the mortgage.
  • DH hasn't had luck looking in his field, and decided to get his license to sell insurance.
  • We listed our place for sale.
  • We got an offer and submitted a short sale package to our lender.
  • DH's parents lost their renters, opening the way for us to have affordable accommodations (that also happen to be bigger than our current ones AND closer to DH's family).

Now we're waiting for the next answer(s).

  • Will DH be able to make a living as an insurance agent? Here, or up north?
  • Will the lender accept our short sale, and if so when?
  • If we are moving, what's the right timing for that?

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