Monday, August 23, 2010

More Thoughts on Torah and Food

Just before we packed up from Southern California and moved to Central California, I read something that made me reconsider what I wrote previously. Namely this: that although God's word is valid at all times, there have always been parts that apply differently to different people. For example, there were restrictions that applied to Levites that didn't apply to the average Israelite, and there were restrictions that applied to men that didn't apply to women. Just as at the cross there is neither male nor female and yet there are definitely still differences and different roles for the genders in this world, so too it could be argued that although there is in one sense no distinction between Jew nor Gentile at the cross, in another sense there are still different callings/different roles.

I can still take a high view of the Old Testament without attempting to live out parts that were not meant for me.

So, seafood is still expensive and I'm not rushing out to try rabbit or snake or snail, but I am using up the ham we have for lunch meat and not stressing about it at all. One could say I fasted from it for a time but no longer feel led to do so.

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