Friday, May 20, 2011

Update on Routines Tool Card

So, after some resistance on my part, I buckled down today and did the work necessary to prepare a routine chart. 

The first step was to get fun craft supplies.  Oversized white construction paper for rough drafts, and pink half-sheets of posterboard for the final incarnations.

Once we got everything home, I couldn't wait to jump right in and start working on it.  I decided to start with our morning routine. 

The first step was to brainstorm all the things we typically do in the mornings.  I just wrote them randomly on a sheet construction paper, using different colored markers for fun.  C scribbled on another piece of construction paper and told me she was making her "poo-teen." 

As I wrote out the various tasks, opportunities for efficiencies popped out at me. 

Then I wrote out several iterations of a schedule or order for completing the tasks. 

This is my favorite plan:
  1. Alarm goes off. 
  2. Everyone gets out of bed.
  3. Daddy cooks breakfast and empties dishwasher while Mama helps bathe and dress.
  4. Family eats breakfast together.
  5. Everyone clears their own place and cooperates to load the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen.
  6. Daddy takes a shower and gets dressed while Mama helps C brush teeth and do her hair.
  7. Mama takes shower and dresses while Daddy plays with/reads to C.
  8. Mama and C go outside to wave goodbye to Daddy as he leaves for work.
  9. Mama and C tend chickens and water garden.
RULES: TV and Computer stay OFF until routine is complete!
I wrote it out on construction paper in colorful marker with cute little sketches to illustrate each step.  We'll try to follow it for a few days and see what kinks need to be worked out before I commit it to the pink posterboard.  I'd like to follow the advice of using photographs of C doing each step on the final chart.

I also did the brainstorming step for the evening routine, but need to talk it over with DH before finalizing a plan.

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