Friday, July 15, 2011

52 Tool Cards: Pay Attention

This week's card says:
Are your children getting the impression that they are not important?

1) Put down whatever you are doing and focus on your child as though he or she is more important than anything else you can do.

2) Don't forget to schedule special time

3) Remember what Toni Morrison said, "Do your eyes light up when they walk into the room?"

This is similar to the principle from How to Talk So Kids will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk to "Listen with Full Attention."

This is a much needed reminder for me.

Too often I am half listening and keeping one eye on the computer or television screen or chore I was doing when C comes to interact with me. Instead, I can choose to fully stop what I am doing, make eye contact, get down to her level or take her into my lap to show her how important she is to me.


  1. Shannon's preschool had a sign that pertains to this.

    "Parents, please put your cellphones away during pick up. Your children have very important things to tell you.'

  2. P-

    it's kristin. For some reason, I cannot post on your blog with my google acount.


  3. Hi Kristin! Thanks for commenting and letting me know who you were, though the reference to Shannon might have tipped me off ;0).

    I'm having that problem too ... my workaround has been to use the Name/URL option from the Comment As menu.


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