Friday, January 27, 2012

52 Tool Cards: Mirror

 I think C may be a little young for this tool to work consistently, but I usually do start out this way before giving her further instructions or using playful parenting to help her complete whatever task I'd like her to complete.  As she gets older, she's gradually requiring less involvement from me.
Here is a short and long example of how I combine the mirror tool with playful parenting or other tools:

Baby Vacuum
C likes to kick off her shoes whenever she gets inside.  I've been trying to correct her right when she does this to establish the habit of putting things where they belong.  "C, I see your shoes on the floor in the living room.  They belong in the shoe bucket in your bedroom."  Sometimes this is followed immediately by her picking them up and running to her room to put them away.  Sometimes it isn't. Often I'll respond to her dawdling by asking if she wants to play "baby vacuum," a game where I pick her up and lean her down and so she can pick up object in question.  She generally thinks this is hilarious.  And then there are the times when I have to "make it happen," and use hand over hand to get the shoes picked up and practically carry her and the shoes to the bedroom.

Utensil Hero
One of C's household tasks is to put away the clean forks and spoons from the dishwasher.  I leave the basket in front of the correct set of drawers, and when I'm ready to help her/supervise her, I'll say, "C, I notice there is basket of forks and spoons that need to be put away."

She is a big fan of playful parenting and pretending, so she'll usually respond: "What do they say?"

I'll respond with something like, "The forks are so tired and they need your help to go to bed." or "The spoons are cold and they need your help to find their house."

Most of the time, I need to stay close by and encourage her to complete the task by handing her silverware or letting her hand it to me.

Yesterday, I thought I'd try letting go.  I walked away after telling her the spoons were cold and needed to find their home.  Five minutes later, she brought me the almost empty basket! 

"Mommy, I don't know where this one goes," she said, pointing to the measuring spoon.

I told her where it went and thanked her for asking.

She walked back to the kitchen, put the measuring spoon away and put the basket back in the dishwasher!  

Needless to say, I was very impressed with her independence yesterday!


  1. Remind us, how old is C?

    And loving your blog - great information for a first time mom!

  2. Thanks for the compliment! :D
    C turned three at the beginning of September 2011.


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