Sunday, January 8, 2012

My favorite posts of 2011

Looking back over all the posts I wrote in 2011, I came across a few favorites that I'm most proud of:

Thoughts on Authority and Servant Leadership
How we can reflect God's character by being servant leaders rather than managers in our homes.

End of an Era
The story of how I weaned C at 2.5 with kind and firm limits and lots of empathy.

God's Discipline
My testimony of God's astonishing grace and gentle discipline to me.  It's why I'm so determined to be graceful and gentle toward my children.

Parenting to Sleep: A Spiritual Discipline
Reflections on the patience and dying to self it can take to parent to sleep effectively and stick with it when sleep is elusive!

A Day in the Life
This series of four posts documented the ups and downs of using positive parenting and gentle discipline with C one day in August, a month before she turned three.

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