Monday, January 21, 2013

My Family Values

Priorities has been a theme of the messages I've been hearing lately.

A few weeks ago, our Marriage & Family pastor asked us to share with each other and the group our most defining family values.

One couple shared how spending time together was a priority for them, that they carried out by eating meals together, going through bedtime routines together as a family, and reading a Bible story together and praying just before lights out.

Another couple shared that being on the same page financially was most important for them as a couple.

I didn't have a good answer right off the top of my head, but the question continued to percolate in my mind during the subsequent church service.

I came up with three major categories that interrelate and overlap:


  1. We speak often of God's grace
  2. We give grace to each other just as God has given to us
  3. Mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of, for they are part of being human and are how we learn
  4. When we fall short, we help each other meet the standard
  5. We cheer each other's successes
  6. We encourage each other toward greater capability and independence


  1. We express our love to each other frequently through words and affection
  2. We speak up about what is OK and what is not OK 
  3. We set limits using kind words in a firm voice
  4. We let our yes be yes and our no be no by following through on what we say
  5. We respect boundaries that are set by one another
  6. We act considerately and compassionately toward one another


  1. We laugh and play together
  2. We choose healthful food
  3. We are mindful of and attempt to minimize exposure to/intake of chemicals and processed foods
  4. We foster healthy body images
  5. We take care of our bodies with movement, outdoor time and good hygiene
  6. We nurture our souls and spirits with arts, hobbies, and community involvement

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