Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time to Blog

So, I've been silent here for a while.

Lots of life to be lived, but I've also been whiling away the hours reading about other people's lives on Facebook and message boards.

I get so wrapped up in reading what other people write that I sometimes forget that I also have something to say.

I started this blog when my aunt challenged me that it could be a ministry, a calling, a way to use the gift of words that God has given me to share my thoughts on the intersections between self-discipline and disciplining our children, sharing the amazing ways God's shown his grace to me and the stumbling ways I try to exhibit that my grace everyone but to my children especially, and just in general how grace and faith are woven into the fabric of every interaction and bend in the road and breath I take.

I'm going to challenge myself to blog regularly again.

When I sit at the computer, I want to be productive, to be using my voice for what it was made for and thereby reflect God's glory.

What's a good reasonable goal to have?  Once per week was doable back when I was doing the 52 parenting tool cards.

OK, so at least once per week.

Or oftener if the mood strikes.

Starting .... NOW!

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