Thursday, April 16, 2015

Reflections on Deuteronomy 6:6-9

This week I bought a Moleskine journal and set it up to use with the bullet journal method. I also installed YouVersion Bible app on my phone, and began a parenting devotional plan in my new journal.

Yesterday I completed the first lesson on Deuteronomy 6:6-9, using the SOAP method that I have described on this blog before.

First I read the Scripture and translated it into pictures.

Then I made the following observations:

  •  I need God's Word in my own heart first in order to teach it to my children.
  •  It will take diligence, which means lots of repetition. I will fail but I must begin again and not give up, but continually renew my efforts. 
  • Binding God's word on my hand could be literal as the ancient Hebrews interpreted it, but I also thought it could mean to consider God's Word before taking any action. 
  • Similarly, wearing it between my eyes could mean allowing God's word to permeate my worldview and color every thought.

I jotted down a few ideas for application:

Home -- incorporate Scripture into my home decor, clothing and jewelry.  Post notes on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror.  Encourage scripture memorization.  Incorporate Scripture into teaching moments.

Away -- Praise and worship music in the car. Talk about God's creation as we drive.

Bedtime -- Bedtime prayers. Talking about how we saw God at work in our day.

Anytime -- Always be on lookout for opportunities to refer to Scriptural principles and contrast with other worldviews.

What struck me most through the day as I attempted to apply it and reflected on my efforts at day's end is how many distractions there are in my world. There's so little time in the day, and so many competing good things to think and talk about and spend time on.  I thought in particular about my kids' books and screen time and how that is a part of creating their worldview and felt a little overwhelmed by the distance between the standard set in this Scripture and the way we are living at the moment.

I wrote this prayer:

Triune God, you are the only perfect parent. Fill my heart with your truths and nudge me to continually renew my efforts to teach them diligently to my children at all times, in all situations, throughout their lives. I fall far short of this goal moment by moment and it is only by your mercy and grace that I will have any measure of success. Thank you for entrusting me with these precious souls. Amen

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