Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good Job vs. Good Girl

We're trying to be mindful of the way we praise Pookaloo. When she does something we like, instead of saying, "Good girl!" or "You're such a big girl!", we say something more specific, such as:

  • Good listening!
  • Good cooperation!
  • Good self-control!
  • Good thinking!
  • Great job at using gentle touches! (this one is getting used the most right now as she learns the right way to pet our little dog and how not to hurt mama with pinches while nursing)

Likewise, when she makes a mistake or doesn't behave as we wish, she's not shamed as a "bad girl" or a "naughty girl." We simply focus on the specific mistake she made, and encourage her to try again, give her a second chance or help her to do it properly.

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