Tuesday, September 15, 2009

God, Love and Sex

Tonight I went to a women's Bible study at a transition home for unwed mothers of new babies. We listened to a CD of a sermon by Mike Erie of Rock Harbor on the Song of Solomon, and then had some discussion time.

A few memorable points:

Good sex as God designed it in marriage is characterized by

Sex is good.
Sex is powerful.
Therefore, sex can be dangerous.

God is good. His rules are for our good. Our view of God and his rules affects our view of sexuality and vice versa.

Guilt paralyzes. By contrast, conviction moves us toward God and toward a PROCESS of transformation.

Those who have sinned sexually often believe a lie that they are "damaged goods." This lie keeps them settling for less than God's best for them. This was certainly true for me. Realizing and experiencing the depth of God's love for me and my true identity in Christ as a beloved daughter was a turning point in my life. It may well be a necessary ingredient for anyone hoping to turn away from a particular lifestyle of sin.

I'm praying that the precious mothers who were there tonight will experience the depth and breadth and height of God's love in a personal and undeniable way as they continue to seek a new path for their lives.

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