Saturday, September 12, 2009

Faded Faith

This article by Roxanne Wieman from the September/October issue of RELEVANT Magazine contains a lot of wisdom.

Here are some of my favorite nuggets:

pg. 55:
It's easy to look back at the good times and feel like it was the forms – the activities – that made those times what they were and want to reengage them. ... "The danger is that your relationship with God can move into a relationship with religion rather than God," ... To try and recreate the spiritual high by recreating the activities of that time can lead to frustration, burnout and legalism – ultimately decaying your relationship with God. ... "You'll be the last to discover the ritual is empty and you're doing it alone – God has moved on – because we have elevated the practice over his presence."

pg. 56:
"If you care [about your relationship with God], then you need to embrace the instruments of spontaneity and structure – side-by-side. The sustainability of spiritual practices in our life hinges on the harmony of these two perspectives."

pg. 57:
When we recognize God is part of – and working in – every area of our life, we rely on Him more and seek Him more often, not waiting until or relying on those prescribed forms of connecting. Nor are we so quick to think we're failing in our relationship because we haven't had a good "quiet time" in months.

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