Monday, November 30, 2009

Speaking in Tongues?

What do you make of this?

  1. We went to lunch with a couple of older Christians who have been through a lot of had a lot of wisdom to share. In the context of another conversation they unexpectedly shared with us a story of hearing someone speak in tongues and being given the gift of interpretation. The gift of tongues as a private prayer language was also mentioned.
  2. Three days later, my husband was reunited with a childhood friend who came to faith in Christ since they last met. As he gave his testimony, the friend shared that he has the gift of speaking in tongues as a private prayer language.

The fact that both conversationsoccured so close together and from completely unrelated sources give me pause. I think God might be saying something to my husband , to me or to us both.

I've personally never witnessed anyone speaking in tongues, but my husband has, and when he did someone with the gift of interpretation was also present and translated.

What are your thoughts about and experiences with this gift of the spirit?

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  1. Hi! I just came across this while trying to decide which of your posts to nominate for the GD Carnival, and wanted to let you know that I would be happy to talk about this with you. I grew up in charismatic/Pentecostal churches, and having been speaking in tongues myself since I was 8. :)


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