Saturday, March 27, 2010

The discipline of waiting on God



Not my first choice of pasttimes, but for now, it seems we have no choice.

It's not a new experience. DH has been out of work before. In January 2008, he had just been laid off, and we promptly found out we were expecting Pookaloo. It was a bit scary, but we trusted God then just as we do now.

A few weeks later, before his severance had run out, before he even received his first unemployment check, he had landed a new job.

I realized today that for some reason, part of me had been expecting the past to predict the future.

I didn't expect him to be out of work this long.

I didn't expect us to be led down the path of entrepreneurship.

And while that path isn't crystal clear yet, it's the best we can make of the circumstances we have been given.

On a related note, before the job loss, we had been planning to add to our family this year.

Maybe I need to be expecting Pookaloo's sibling before something happens?


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