Friday, September 2, 2011

52 Tool Cards: Sense of Humor

Humor can help parents and children lighten up.

First, an aside:
Over the past year, I've been learning about Carol Tuttle's Dressing Your Truth concept and recently had the epiphany that although I've been trying to live as a rich, dynamic woman (T3) or a bold, striking woman (T4), I'm actually a bright and animated woman (T1)!

Here are some before and after pictures:
Before (trying to be T3/Autumn)

After: At home in my skin as a bright animated T1!

It has been freeing and healing to accept this about myself and dress accordingly! I'm even bringing the light fun candy colors appropriate to my true nature to the blog. Hope you enjoy the new look!

On with the show!

This week's tool card is Sense of Humor. This is similar to the Playful Parenting concept. Kids are simply wired to play and have fun, and humor is an awesome tool to build connections with them.

As a T1, playfulness comes naturally to me in my parenting. C and I have lots of fun together!

A few examples:

One night to make the bedtime routine more fun, I pretended to be a robot who didn't know anything about human life and asked lots of silly questions, like "Does not compute, what is a washcloth?" in my best robot voice. I even asked her, "What is a mama?" and her answer (basically, someone tall who runs fast to catch me when I run away) was hilarious and insightful.

Another fun thing we've been doing lately is race against the clock or a timer to see how fast we can tidy up or get dressed.

What ways have you used a sense of humor in your parenting?

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  1. Is there a Tt-shirt and jeans kinda girl? :) I look forward to checking out the website on dressing my truth. (though, I'm not paying $$ for anything, so I may not get much info)

    I need to add more humor these days. Everything about Jack is driving me crazy, which means I need to change something. It's my attitude which makes it better or worse around here. He's in the stage where I say "don't do that" and he looks at me and does it anyway.


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