Friday, December 9, 2011

52 Tool Cards: Allowances

It may be her age or the season or a combination, but recently C wants everything she sees.

To deal with this, I've been using a tool I did not make up but can't remember where I learned right now (could some kind reader possibly be able to help?).  When C sees something she wants me to buy for her, I say, "We can't buy it right now, but we can put that on your list of things you want."

C has responded very well to this.  Now instead of asking me to buy her things, she says, "Mama, can we put this on my list?"

Today's tool card, Allowances, could be another way to deal with the "gimme-gimme buy-me buy-mes" that so often kick in when a young child is taken to the store.

Jane Nelsen says: 
Allowances can be a great way to teach children about money.
But I wondered what age and amount would be appropriate to start an allowance.

Allowances can be started when children first become aware of the need for money—when they start wanting toys at the supermarket or treats from the ice cream truck.  Some families start with a quarter, a dime, a nickel, five pennies and a piggy bank.  A small child loves the variety and enjoys putting the money in the piggy bank. 
So it would seem that C is developmentally ready for an allowance.

Perhaps one of her Christmas presents will be a re-usable piggy bank, or a big jar I decorate?

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