Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Celebrating Advent

At three years old, C has a much greater understanding and excitement about Christmas this year than ever before.  DH and I both love Christmas, and are excited about making memories and traditions with C.  This year, our family has three advent calendars to help mark the time until Christmas Day.

The paper rings hanging from the angel tree topper have printing inside with instructions to read Scripture, pray or talk about an aspect of the Christmas story.  We've made it a ritual to open one up each night as a family at bedtime.  To keep C's interest for the Scripture reading activities, we've used her toddler Bible.

The chalkboard and felt calendar are additional fun visual aids.

On Monday, C and I went to a play date at a new friends' home.  We acted out the Christmas story together using a Little People nativity set, and my friend had nativity themed story books for each of the kids to take home.

C is very curious about Santa.  My parents always told me Santa wasn't real.  I'm taking a slightly different approach with C, teaching her that there really was a man named St. Nicolas who loved Jesus very much, and wanted to secretly give gifts to children to show them Jesus' love.  People liked that idea so much that he became a legend and we have lots of fun stories about him now like him living at the North Pole and having elves and reindeer helpers.

We have another story book that talks about why we celebrate Christmas.  The book explains it as Jesus' birthday.  Since the date of Christ's birth is not certain, I've tried to stay away from saying it is his actual birthday, but talk about it as a day that we celebrate his birthday.  Maybe too fine a distinction for a three year old, but when she grows up and finds out it may not have been born on December 25, I don't want her to feel lied to either!

Those are some ways we are celebrating the Advent season in the Pio household.  How about you?

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