Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nesting ... or what to do while waiting

Over the past two weeks or so, I've been doing a lot of work to prepare for this baby's arrival!

  1. Put back together the bassinet we used for C
  2. Rearranged C's room to make room for a baby dresser and changing table
  3. Stocked the dresser and changing table with all the baby clothes, bibs, blankets and other baby items we've gathered (saved from C's gender neutral stash, hand-me-downs and gifts)
  4. Prepped/washed/folded/put away 36 Green Mountain Diaper prefolds (mix of newborn and small)
  5. Purchased bamboo velour, zorb and PUL for some sewing projects
  6. Sewed 16 postpartum cloth pads (3 overnights and 13 for day
  7. Made one of DH's stained polo shirts into this skirt
  8. Researched reusable breast pad patterns, sewed 3 versions
  9. Baked 30 or so coconut banana mini muffins to freeze (recipe here - I upped the honey to 1/3 c)
  10. Prepared 12 GF banana waffles to freeze (recipe here - I used only rice flour, no xantham gum or chocolate chips)
  11. Made 42 meatballs to freeze (recipe here - made GF by subbing crushed Rice Chex for bread crumbs)
  12. Made two dinners and 5 lunches worth of chicken fried rice to freeze (recipe here, sub GF soy sauce)
  13. Made one dinner and 2 lunches worth of bourbon chicken to freeze (recipe here, sub GF soy sauce, frozen after Step 4)
  14. Made 17 chicken quesadillas to freeze (recipe here)
  15. Gathered and organized all the supplies we'll need for our planned home birth / possible water birth
  16. Purchased and installed a Graco SnugRide 32 car seat, moved C's car seat to accomodate
  17. Did a massive grocery run to stock our cupboards and prepare for more freezer meal cooking
  18. Cleaned out the silverware drawer

DH has been busy too!  He cleaned out one of our closets, modified our chicken coop to make it easier for me to tend the chickens, built a shoe rack and a table to keep our back porch more organized, purchased the chest freezer, scrubbed our bathtub, and made arrangements to have family pick up the stroller we've chosen from our closest Babies R Us.

I'm not due until June 11.  Is this true "nesting" in the sense that labor is imminent?  No idea.  I think part of my motivation has been that while DH is currently out of work, I sense that he could start a job any day, and I want to have most of the prep work done before I lose his extra time, energy and help around the house.

Plus, sewing and cooking is fun!

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