Friday, September 18, 2009

Alternatives to Spanking/Punishment

I promised to share ideas about alternatives to spanking. As a mother of a one-year-old, I haven't had the opportunity to try all of them out personally, but I know from discussions I've had with other more experienced mothers that they do work, and result in connected, compassionate kids and mature, healthy adults.

Here are some ideas that I can testify work from Dawn Ramsburg's article on Kidsource:

Suggestions For Parents Of Infants
Infants respond impulsively to many situations without a real understanding of their surroundings and abilities. Spanking will only cause fear and anxiety in children who do not yet understand such concepts as consequences and danger.

  • When there is danger, grasp an infant's hand instead of slapping (Leach, 1996).
  • When the infant is holding something that you do not want him to have, trade a toy instead of forcing the item from him (Leach, 1996). He will only hold on tighter if you try to take something away.
  • Baby-proof your living space so that there is nothing dangerous or breakable in reach (Ruben, 1996; Samalin & Whitney, 1995).
  • Leave the room if you feel your temper flaring, making sure that the baby is in a safe place like a playpen (Leach, 1996).

Other ideas:

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