Friday, February 19, 2010

"Quiet Time" for Mothers

I'm participating in a six week spiritual foundations study through our church. Day 2 encourages us to pick a 30 minute block of time for Quiet Time each day.

Quiet Time, or rather, my lack of one -- or at least one meeting the ideal criteria -- has frequently been a source of guilt in my life.

Before Pookaloo came along, I wasn't the most faithful keeper of a quiet time, but I did read Scripture regularly, participated in Bible studies and mostly kept up with any assigned homework. I'd use prayer journals. My spiritual practice was eclectic, and intermittent, but regular in the sense that I kept going back to it even if I'd miss days here and there.

Since she came along, my pattern has changed again. I so rarely have time alone or time that is just for me that I've felt as though a set aside time with God is impossible. Reading this blog post, however, makes me realize that I'm still practicing God's presence in my eclectic, intermittent way, and that there are ways to enrich and deepen that even though it seems impossible to find 30 minutes of "uninterrupted" time.

Truly freeing and encouraging to me to read this today. Even the comments were helpful, since it let me know that I'm certainly not alone in this!

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