Friday, July 22, 2011

52 Tool Cards: Practice

This card goes along with another we've already reviewed: Take Time For Training

I use this tool to help C succeed in social situations by practicing through play. For example, we use puppets to practice meeting someone new and starting a conversation and asking them their name.

We also practice taking turns with toys and how to respond when another child tries to grab her toy, and how to redirect herself when she feels like grabbing a toy another child has. How to ask, "May I have a turn?" and how she can respond if the child says yes or the child says no.

The tool card focuses on practicing things like daily routines. That's one I haven't tried yet. But I can see how it would be fun to do with C -- she loves to play pretend with putting her babies to bed and getting them back up, and it wouldn't be that hard to join her and direct the play a bit so it more closely resembles our daily routines.

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