Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another mental health update

Two weeks ago, I spoke with the psych and told him about my pregnancy and overall results with the Cerefolin. He was pleased with my progress and gave me samples of Deplin 15 to try, and a prescription for the CerefolinNAC that I could fill when the Deplin ran out or if the Deplin didn't work as well.

The Deplin 15 made me super anxious and ragey, (overmethylation?) so I discontinued it. I didn't fill the prescription for the Cerefolin because it costs $4 per pill and is not covered by my insurance.

Instead I researched over the counter options and found Methyl-Life but forgot to actually order anything for a week or so.  I ordered the 2.5mg dose, $36 for 90 pills. I decided to start with that level and bump it up to the 5mg dose by taking two pills if it seemed necessary (the CerefolinNAC is 5.6mg of the l-methylfolate for comparison).

I am pregnant (8 weeks or so!) and of course am going to be tired and emotional, but I think without the methylfolate my brain doesn't work as well and my thinking and mood is more negative overall..

Oh, and I'm still mostly grain free, but on Labor Day, I cheated for my brother-in-law's birthday and mother-in-law's famous corn tortilla enchiladas, with beans and rice (she used GF sauce and left the cheese off for me).

That whole week, I really struggled with anxiety. My thoughts went in circles. I was worried about Curly-Q, about DH, about our new house, about the move, about the new baby, about everything!

I don’t think it was a coincidence that that level of anxiety came on the heels of "cheating" with grains  at my brother-in-law's birthday party, or that I continued to "cheat" for a few days afterward with the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies left over from Curly-Q’s school birthday party.

Between not having the methylfolate and adding grains/sugar back in, it put me back where I started but maybe even worse because I know now the anxiety and depression/dysthymia I was living with isn't normal, and more importantly, what it's like without it!

So finally the Methyl-Life brand of l-methylfolate came in and after a few days of taking it, I started to feel much better.  I started out with the single pill (2.5 mg) dose and then after a few days, increased it to two pills for a 5mg dose.

5mgs is my sweet spot I think. Since starting at that level, I have almost zero anxiety, clear/positive thinking, and an ability to plan ahead and execute tasks.  It’s like l-methylfolate gets me to the place where my coping mechanisms work again!

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